The Board of Trustees of Impact Africa Foundation (IAF) is pleased to announce the appointment of Kehinde Fadare as a volunteer Education Ambassador for the Foundation. This is in line with our determination to support the education of indigent children across Africa.

Kehinde Fadare is a graduate of History and International Studies from the Lagos State University, Ojo. He is a member of Toastmasters international and also a student member of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations. He was the 2016 KOLIP fellow of Nigerian Leadership Initiative.

Kehinde was among the young people selected across eight West African Countries in March 2016 for the president Barack Obama West Africa Young African Leadership Initiative. He was awarded the most creative participant. During his NYSC, Kehinde initiated and executed "Give a wheelchair Lagos" project through which he presented 15 wheelchairs and clothes to 15 randomly selected physically challenged people in Lagos. He also led a team of seven individuals to donate 20 chairs and 20 desks to pupil of Shogunle Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja, Lagos. He is a recipient of Lagos state honourary award for contribution to development.

In further pursuance to make impact, Kehinde voluntarily trained 400 students of Babs Fafunwa Senior Secondary School, Ojodu, Lagos on Public Speaking Skills.

His duties as an ambassador of the Foundation include, representing the Foundation at public engagements, Identification of projects and providing input into the Foundation's programmes.


Congratulations Kehinde Fadare!



In line with our vision to support the education of financially disadvantaged children, last Friday, the Impact Africa Foundation team visited The Abolarin College, Oke-Ila Orangun, Osun State.

Abolarin College was founded by the 'Kabiyesi' Orangun of Oke-Ila Orangun, Oba Adedokun Omoniyi Abolarin. His mission is to use his royal stool to redefine the face of education in Nigeria.

The school is completely free including the boarding facilities. The school was founded with the vision of providing free world class quality education to children picked from the streets and those from poor homes whose parents cannot afford their education.

The school presently has 74 students who are learning in a conducive academic environment and have access to necessary education materials which include personal laptops, library, textbooks, school bags, uniforms, writing materials and others. All the students are in the boarding house and eat quality meals daily.

This school isn’t a run of the mill regular school, students at the Abolarin College speaks at least 3 languages fluently English, French and Yoruba. They are groomed to approach the future without fear or trepidation.With a specially designed and regulated curriculum, students receive all round education that extends beyond the walls of the classroom. They are not only intellectually sound, they are trained to be independent, entrepreneurs and equally excellent agriculturists. They spend 1 hour daily on the school farm to produce part of the food they eat.

Impact Africa Foundation identifies with the vision of the founder of the school and joined efforts with him to continue the noble work of giving quality education to the disadvantaged students.

The academic and mentorship seminar organised for the students had Taiwo Oyedele, Head of Tax and Regulatory Services, PwC Nigeria who is also the Founder and President of Impact Africa Foundation as the guest speaker. He shared his story to inspire the students to dream big and not to allow their humble backgrounds to limit their aspirations but rather to be an inspiration to dream big with a 'can-do' spirit that is unstoppable.

IAF also donated foodstuffs, school bags, books and 'scholarships' funds to the school. We do not want this to be a one-off event, so please join us in sustaining the dream of making the indigent students 'leaders of tomorrow'. See details for donation in our profile.

Remember, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke.

Below are the some pictures from the event:

The School Library

The students working on the school farm

IAF team and the foodstuff donated to the school

Oba Adedokun Abolarin and the president of IAF, Taiwo Oyedele with the school's senior prefects

The students having their lunch

IAF President, Taiwo Oyedele addressing the students

IAF President, Taiwo Oyedele addressing the students

Taiwo Oyedele presenting scholarship certificate to 'kabiyesi' to support Free Quality Education in the school.







Taiwo Oyedele presenting books donated to the school library to Oba Abolarin

Taiwo Oyedele with the senior prefects carrying the bags donated by IAF

The IAF team with Oba Adedokun and the senior prefects of the school

The IAF team and the Oba Adedokun Abolarin with the students and some teachers of the school

Cross section of the students at the seminar








Oba Abolarin addressing the students on the assembly ground

The female students in their dormitory

A corp member teaching the students

Oba Abolarin teaching the students civic education.

Oba Adedokun showing the IAF team around the school farm



On Saturday, 4th of March, RAIN in collaboration with impact Africa foundation (IAF), hosted 10 schools in Ogun State in the grand finale of its annual student competition – Future Accountant Manager Entrepreneur (FAME). The competition was first organized in 2003 and has been held every year since then. And IAF officially became a sponsor since 2010. This year’s programme was tagged ‘Impact 2017’.
The event took place at Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, Ijebu-Ode and was the climax of a 2month long competition where students from 24 schools participated in the competition. Only 10 schools made it to the grand finale. The schools are, in no particular order:
1. Remo secondary school, Sagamu.
2. Federal government girls’ college, Sagamu
3. Mayflower school, Ikenne
4. Ijebu muslim college, Ijebu-Ode
5. Adeola Odutola college, Ijebu-Ode
6. Anglican girls grammar school, Ijebu-Ode
7. Ijebu-Ode grammar school, Ijebu-Ode
8. Our lady of apostles secondary school, Ijebu-Ode
9. Commands secondary school, Ilese
10. St. Anthony grammar school, Ilese


Our Lady of Apostles Secondary School, Ijebu-Ode represented by Adewale Boluwatife came 3rd. She went home with a medal, school bag, exercise books, an android phone and a trophy for her school.
Ijebu-Ode Grammar School, Ijebu-Ode represented by Olusanya Nurudeen came 2nd. He went home with a medal, desktop computer, school bag, exercise books and a trophy for his school.
Ijebu Muslim college, Ijebu-Ode represented by Busaur Aminat came 1st. She was rewarded with a laptop, school bag, exercise book and trophy for the school. IAF also awarded her a scholarship in respect of her ATS examinations.
The other students representing their schools received consolation prizes such as school bags and exercise books etc. All co-ordinating teachers of the top ten schools were also given prizes.


Taiwo Oyedele, the president of IAF and chairman of the RAIN gave a speech titled “Make Everyday Count” at the event. He gave the following 5 tips:
1. Have a plan i.e plan your daily activities towards achieving your goals.
2. Manage your time effectively
3. Avoid Distractions
4. Develop yourself
5. Take stock, meditate and reflect
Other activities at the event included Dancing, Miming of song, Personality hunt e.t.c.
Finally, IAF is proud to have been associated with the project, we are equally excited about the fact that a burning desire for educational and career excellence was birthed in the minds of many students that were in attendance.
We remain confident that the fruits of IMPACT 2017 will spring forth in the nearest future, and also, we remain committed to initiating and supporting projects that will improve the quality of education in Africa and help young people reach great heights in their career pursuits.

Below are pictures from the event:


IAF Legal Adviser; Folajimi, presenting award to one of the teachers.

IAF team with the winners and some of the organizers of the event.


IAF team with the winners and some of the organizers of the event.


Taiwo Oyedele giving speech at the event.

1st position Busaur Aminat represented Ijebu Muslim College

Taiwo Oyedele presenting prizes to Busaur Aminat who came 1st in the Future Accountant Manager Entrepreneur (FAME) competition.

President of IAF in person of Taiwo Oyedele presenting award to the best student i the FAME competition

Taiwo Oyedele presenting award to the winner of FAME 2017 competition.


Cross section of IAF Team with the top three students and Mr Adewale Olusegun


Cross section of IAF Team with the top three students and Mr Adewale Olusegun


Taiwo Oyedele giving speech at the event



Taiwo Oyedele with one of the students during personality hunt at the event


Taiwo Oyedele presenting award to twinner of the 2017 FAME competition



We at Impact Africa Foundation continue to drive and achieve our objective of providing support to the less privileged children in Africa. This time, we were in Rivers State, Nigeria to visit Godknows Atata, a 15 year old, JSS 2 student of Government Secondary School, Okarki, Rivers State.

Godknows Atata was born with Amelia and has lived without aid but found convenience in his condition. He attends school like every normal kid, writes and socializes. Our attention was drawn to this kid by a National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) member, Aron Smiggle Blaresyn who currently serves as a teacher in Godknows’ school. The visit was championed by the Education Ambassador for Impact Africa Foundation, Vincent Adeoba.

The visit to GodKnows was welcomed and appreciated by the students and teachers of the school. With the support of the public via donations and suggestions, a wheelchair was donated to Godknows and a scholarship to sponsor his education up to University level.

This action undertaken by us with your support further buttresses the fact that disability is no excuse for failure. In disability lies ability and it takes determination and our collective responsibility to provide for the less privileged in our society, see beyond the present and work towards a better future.

We do not take for granted your support in helping dreams come true and we appreciate you.

Below are pictures from the visit.

Thank you all.

GodKnows Atata

GodKnows Atata

IAF beneficiary, Godknows Atata and IAF Education Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba at the wheelchair donation to Godknows Atata

IAF beneficiary, Godknows Atata and IAF Education Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba at the wheelchair donation to Godknows Atata

L-R: Corp member-Aron Smiggle, Godknows Atata's dad, Vincent Adeoba and Godknows Atata

L-R: Corp member-Aron Smiggle, Godknows Atata's dad, Vincent Adeoba and Godknows Atata

Godknows Atat with a team of teachers of the Government Secondary School, Okarki

Godknows Atat with a team of teachers of the Government Secondary School, Okarki

Godknows Atata and Vincent Adeoba

Godknows Atata and Vincent Adeoba

GodKnows Atata and his classmates

GodKnows Atata and his classmates

IAF Education Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba speaking to students at the Governmment Secondary School, Okarki, Rivers State

IAF Education Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba speaking to students at the Governmment Secondary School, Okarki, Rivers State


As part of the objectives of the foundation in supporting the education of less privileged children, we are pleased to bring to you the first beneficiary of the Impact Africa Foundation (IAF) scholarship.

His name is Bisi Olajuyigbe. He is thirteen (13) years old and an indigene of Ekiti State whose creativity was admired by the IAF team while showcasing a piece at an event in Ekiti State. This lad had produced a portable mobile fan from recycled materials including a plastic soap case, a pet bottle and other materials.

The IAF team engaged him in a conversation and experienced a communication gap as he had little understanding of English and answered questions in his dialect (Yoruba) which he spoke eloquently. We got in touch with his mother who confirmed to the team that Bisi had to drop out of school as a result of her inability to pay his tuition.

We are giving Bisi a chance to achieve his dreams of becoming an engineer and have proceeded to enroll him at Our Lady of Fatima International College in Ekiti State. He has taken the entry examination and he is to begin Junior Secondary School (JSS) One by September 18, 2016 at. Asides regular school, an arrangement for extra lessons have been made to re-orientate him and speed up his learning process.

This is a step in the right direction and we have started with one.

Represent a good cause and let us rebuild a foundation together. Please support this cause by volunteering to be part of the Foundation’s activities and you are sure of positively impacting an individual.

We are funded by donations from the public and the proceeds from the sale of a book written by Taiwo Oyedele President IAF titled ‘Insights on Taxation and Fiscal Policy’. To purchase please click -------> PURCHASE BOOK

We seek donations to fund education related activities like this. Please make donations to IAF Naira account with details below:
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1014295529
Thank you for your support always.

Bisi Olajuyigbe, IAF Scholarship Beneficiary

Bisi Olajuyigbe, IAF Scholarship Beneficiary

IAF Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba (left) and Bisi Olajuyigbe (right)

IAF Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba (left) and Bisi Olajuyigbe (right)

IAF Ambassador-Vincent Adeoba, Bisi Olajuyigbe and Bisi's Mother

IAF Ambassador-Vincent Adeoba, Bisi Olajuyigbe and Bisi's Mother


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