Surpass my Lead


At IAF, we love to invest in our friends (students) across different secondary schools in Africa… we want to inspire and interact with them… we want to expose them to career realities…. we want to instill success virtues in them right from their secondary schools.

The “Surpass my Lead” Initiative presents us with the right platform to do all of these and many more.

This initiative creates a mentoring platform via talk forums for the African youth by connecting them with successful and established professionals willing to share their success stories and provide a guide to the youths on the way to go in achieving their dreams

Through the SML initiative, we visit several secondary schools and interacted with students on important career and personal development issues.

Uniquely, we go to these schools alongside successful individuals who go on to share their success stories and how they rose through the rungs, and equally inspire students to do far better than they have done.

With this project, we are confident that the powerful wave of excellence, hard work and discipline will move through several secondary schools in Africa.

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