About IAF

Impact Africa Foundation (IAF) is a Non-Governmental Organization located in Nigeria and incorporated in the year 2015. We are committed to making meaningful contributions to the advancement of education in Africa; inspiring young people to be the best they can possibly be; support less privileged children in the continent; and promote knowledge and interest in public issues for the benefit of all, across Africa.

The three main pillars forming the core of our existence are Education, Mentoring and Advocacy.


To be a compelling voice within the African educational space, a helping hand for less privileged children and a respected advocate on varying public issues across Africa.


Pioneer projects that are focused on improving the standard of education in Africa; interact with young people across the continent and guide them through their career choices and; increase public knowledge on issues relating to good governance and responsible citizenship, through varying platforms.

Our Objective Are:

  • To support the education of less privileged children in the society by providing financial assistance and scholarships to help them through elementary to tertiary education;

  • To promote education and knowledge among the youth in particular and the general public;

  • To help train people in social skills, technical skills, soft skills and other areas that will impact positively on the society;

  • To serve as a platform for advocacy in the areas of public policy, social justice, equality, fair taxation, accountability and good governance.

How we work

All of our activities and projects are anchored on 3 pillars, which form the core of our existence. These pillars are: Education, Mentorship and Advocacy.

Education: We execute projects that are either directly targeted towards students or their school, but ultimately intended to improve the overall quality of education in the continent. These projects include, but are not limited to donation of schooling infrastructure to Nigerian schools, free students and teachers trainings and competitions, and academic scholarships.

Mentoring: We run a mentorship program that focuses on inspiring youths to become the best they possibly can be. This is operated via a team of professionals who are volunteers of the organization with huge interests in chosen fields. With this program, we bring zealous and aspiring young people directly in contact with successful Africans whose accomplishments, knowledge, values and exposure will be a very useful guide to excellence in career and personal leadership.

Advocacy: This is directed at the general public. It is a platform designed to discuss issues that primarily revolves around responsible citizenry and good governance. These issues include, but are not limited to; public policies, social justice, gender and racial equality, fair taxation and ethics.

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