Mind Seed Implantation Project (MISIP)

MISIP is our own way of involving students of African tertiary institutions in policy discussions and research, through ORATORY CONTESTS. The program, which is an annual event will require that students of different tertiary institutions research on specific continental issues and make their presentations with the sol objective of winning the MISIP Annual Debates. With this project, we will not only help in sharpening the oratory skills of these students, we will equally help deepen their knowledge about their continent, improve their research and analytical tendencies and showcase Africa as a truly talented and endowed continent, to the world. These project is open to students that are enrolled to African universities, polytechnics and colleges of education. Are you interested in seeing young people brilliantly discuss national/continental issues? Are u interested in planting the seed of responsible leadership in students of our tertiary institutions? Then, join us in making MISIP work.

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