At impact Africa foundation, we are committed to ensuring that people who are passionate about our cause get a chance to touch lives by joining us on any of our projects.

You can join our team of positive minded, passionate and patriotic people.

We seek knowledgeable, experienced and passionate individuals across different sectors and career calling who are desirous of making an impact to indicate their interest in joining the IAF Mentors Forum.

Through volunteering opportunities, Impact Africa Foundation seeks to involve a higher number of youths in nation building and leverage on their abilities and passion in improving the standard of education in Africa. Equally, volunteers can actively get involved in planning/execution of our advocacy campaigns.

One unique thing about volunteering with us is the fact that our volunteering opportunities are very flexible, and puts you at ease with continuing your normal routine.

Other requirements are:

  • Personal Integrity and high ethical standards
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the relevant field
  • Willingness to commit to at least 2hours monthly per protégé

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