As part of the objectives of the foundation in supporting the education of less privileged children, we are pleased to bring to you the first beneficiary of the Impact Africa Foundation (IAF) scholarship.

His name is Bisi Olajuyigbe. He is thirteen (13) years old and an indigene of Ekiti State whose creativity was admired by the IAF team while showcasing a piece at an event in Ekiti State. This lad had produced a portable mobile fan from recycled materials including a plastic soap case, a pet bottle and other materials.

The IAF team engaged him in a conversation and experienced a communication gap as he had little understanding of English and answered questions in his dialect (Yoruba) which he spoke eloquently. We got in touch with his mother who confirmed to the team that Bisi had to drop out of school as a result of her inability to pay his tuition.

We are giving Bisi a chance to achieve his dreams of becoming an engineer and have proceeded to enroll him at Our Lady of Fatima International College in Ekiti State. He has taken the entry examination and he is to begin Junior Secondary School (JSS) One by September 18, 2016 at. Asides regular school, an arrangement for extra lessons have been made to re-orientate him and speed up his learning process.

This is a step in the right direction and we have started with one.

Represent a good cause and let us rebuild a foundation together. Please support this cause by volunteering to be part of the Foundation’s activities and you are sure of positively impacting an individual.

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Thank you for your support always.

Bisi Olajuyigbe, IAF Scholarship Beneficiary

Bisi Olajuyigbe, IAF Scholarship Beneficiary

IAF Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba (left) and Bisi Olajuyigbe (right)

IAF Ambassador, Vincent Adeoba (left) and Bisi Olajuyigbe (right)

IAF Ambassador-Vincent Adeoba, Bisi Olajuyigbe and Bisi's Mother

IAF Ambassador-Vincent Adeoba, Bisi Olajuyigbe and Bisi's Mother


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