This project ensures that many Public Schools in Africa are well equipped and properly positioned to deliver quality education for students.

We Identify specific needs of public schools in Africa (which could be the need for a library, learn furniture, better school structure, computer lab, etc), Mobilize the needed human and material resources needed to provide these infrastructures, and Equip selected schools with infrastructures that will make learning much more easier and more fun for them.

Basically, the objective of this project is to ensure that schools in Africa are well equipped and properly positioned to deliver quality education to students.

SCP is a project that identifies deserving young children in Africa and sponsor their education after a transparent selection process. We have infrastructures in place to ensure that beneficiaries are people who truly are financially handicapped. This makes SCP an academic scholarship scheme for financially constrained children in Africa.

Our hope is that the SCP will be able to send hundreds of children to school and help them begin a journey to a successful career, which ordinarily might have only been a mental picture.


At IAF, we love to invest in our friends (students) across different secondary schools in Africa… we want to inspire and interact with them… we want to expose them to career realities…. we want to instill success virtues in them right from their secondary schools.

The “Surpass my Lead” Initiative presents us with the right platform to do all of these and many more.

This initiative creates a mentoring platform via talk forums for the African youth by connecting them with successful and established professionals willing to share their success stories and provide a guide to the youths on the way to go in achieving their dreams

Through the SML initiative, we visit several secondary schools and interacted with students on important career and personal development issues.

Uniquely, we go to these schools alongside successful individuals who go on to share their success stories and how they rose through the rungs, and equally inspire students to do far better than they have done.

With this project, we are confident that the powerful wave of excellence, hard work and discipline will move through several secondary schools in Africa.

Mind Seed Implantation Project (MISIP)

MISIP is our own way of involving students of African tertiary institutions in policy discussions and research, through ORATORY CONTESTS.

The program, which is an annual event will require that students of different tertiary institutions research on specific continental issues and make their presentations with the sol objective of winning the MISIP Annual Debates.

With this project, we will not only help in sharpening the oratory skills of these students, we will equally help deepen their knowledge about their continent, improve their research and analytical tendencies and showcase Africa as a truly talented and endowed continent, to the world.

These project is open to students that are enrolled to African universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.

Are you interested in seeing young people brilliantly discuss national/continental issues? Are u interested in planting the seed of responsible leadership in students of our tertiary institutions? Then, join us in making MISIP work.

IAF Mentorship Program

Through our wide network of committed “mentors”, we will guide and nurture young people across Africa to attain academic and career excellence. The major objective of the program is to connect aspiring young people with successful individuals who are relatively experienced, knowledgeably passionate and possess the right charisma needed to inspire excellence.

Mentors are selected after rigorous screening and evaluation exercises have been conducted. A typical IAF mentor will have the following:

• Minimum of 3 years’ experience in the relevant field (specified to mentor)
• Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application
• Willingness to commit to at least 2 hours monthly per protégé
• Possess high level of discipline

Buy a Book

Just by buying a book, you can Fund us!

This is made possible through the “Buy a Book & Build a Future”

Imagine contributing to nation building just by buying a book! For every copy of the Book anybody anywhere in the world buys, ALL PROCEEDS will be used to improve the standard of education in Africa.

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